ardo melia

Wearable electric breastpump

The Ardo Melia is a wearable electric breastpump for hands-free, comfortable and efficient expressing.

No cables or tubes – quiet, discreet and uncomplicated. You can wear it directly in your bra so you can express anywhere, any time.

CHF 270 (inc. VAT)

Two year warranty/free shipping


Enjoy the easy life

Assembly, operation and cleaning

The Ardo Melia: easy, uncomplicated, inspired. With only 5 parts, you can

  • assemble it in seconds – ready to go!
  • And it's just as quick to disassemble after expressing.
  • Pop it in the dishwasher (without the pump motor) – done!

The smart LED display adds extra convenience when you're expressing. In short: This wearable electric breastpump makes your life easier.


Feel free

Express anywhere, any time

Whether you're at the office, cleaning up round the house, in the middle of the daily chaos of small children or relaxing on the sofa – with the Ardo Melia, you can express hands-free in a way that fits in with your life.

You can wear the pump with integrated rechargeable battery discreetly in your bra, giving you maximum freedom of movement.

No tubes, no cables, no loud noise and no time-consuming assembly and cleaning.


Find your rhythm

Expressing with maximum comfort

You may find your breastfeeding needs change over time. Choose between four different expressing modes, each with 15 vacuum levels (suction strengths). This versatility ensures you have a comfortable expressing experience, which has a positive effect on your milk flow.

  • Stimulation mode: Quicker cycle with manually adjustable vacuum peak (to trigger your let-down reflex)
  • Expression mode: Expresses your breast milk after triggering your let-down reflex, with a slower cycle and high manually adjustable vacuum
  • Automatic mode: Starts at the lowest vacuum level and increases automatically
  • Massage mode: Shorter, quicker cycle to stimulate milk flow

Features at a glance

Hands-free & discreet expressing

The Ardo Melia can be placed directly in your bra. No cables and tubes. Thanks to its quiet operation, you can express discreetly and confidently in any environment.

Integrated rechargeable battery
  • Easy to recharge via USB
  • Powerful rechargeable battery (1200 mAh)
  • Fast full charge (2h)
  • At least 100 minutes of uninterrupted expressing time
Individual settings

Choose between four different expressing modes, each with 15 vacuum levels (suction strengths).

Comfort & fit

The breast shells are made from pleasantly soft silicone and make expressing a comfortable experience. For successful and comfortable expressing, it is also important to choose the right breast shell size.

The Ardo Melia comes with 24 mm breast shells, including 19 mm silicone breast shell inserts. If these are too big, you can reduce the diameter with the 17 mm breast shell inserts. If you need a larger diameter, you can order the 27 mm breast shells and use them instead of the breast shells that come with the pumpset.

Hospital-grade expressing

The Ardo Melia has 15 vacuum levels (suction strengths). At level 15, the pump reaches a vacuum strength of 350 mbar / 260 mmHG, which corresponds to the vacuum strength of a hospital pump.

In massage and stimulation mode, the wearable breastpump reaches a maximum cycle of 135/min.

Intelligent LED display
  • Clear information about the selected mode and vacuum strength
  • Makes setting and monitoring easy while you're expressing
  • Can also be used in the dark
  • With pause button for short breaks
  • Automatic safety switch-off after 20 min
BPA & BPS free

Dishwasher-safe plastic, BPA & BPS free. To protect your baby's health.

You're a heroine

Who doesn't dream of being a super-flexible multi-tasking mum? Working, managing the household, looking after the kids - and all while expressing milk. This vision may seem appealing, but it can also make you feel under pressure. Some days it might all go without a hitch; other days, it could be more of a struggle to get everything done.

After all, don't forget: Producing breast milk is an impressive enough feat in itself. Making food for your baby takes a lot of energy and strength. That's why experts recommend that you find a quiet, comfortable place for expressing, no matter which pump you use.

What’s in the box?

A - USB charging cable

B - Breast shells, 24 mm

C - Collection cups, 180 ml

D - Lip valves

E - Strap extension for nursing bra

F - Breast shell inserts, 19 mm

G - Pump motor

H - Silicone diaphragms



And the corresponding answers.

Do I need a special type of bra?

No. The breastpumps fit in most bras. Choose a bra made of a stretchy material. The collection cups will usually fit into a breastfeeding bra better than into a normal bra. However, some women who are breastfeeding find that a bustier is better than a bra.

Make sure that the Ardo Melia doesn't sit too tightly in your bra, as this could impair expressing. If the pump is pressing too hard against your breast, loosen your bra straps. And if necessary, use the strap extensions provided to adjust your nursing bra.

Can I store breast milk in the milk collection cups?

Please do not store expressed breast milk directly in the collection cups. Instead, decant the milk through the opening in the collection cup into a suitable breast milk bottle or breast milk storage bag.

Click here to find out how to store expressed breast milk correctly.

Which accessories and spare parts are compatible with the Ardo Melia breastpump?

In addition to electric breastpumps, Ardo’s comprehensive range also includes various products for saving and storing breast milk.

We’ve already prepared a list of accessories and spare parts for you:

The breast shell inserts from the Ardo Hands-Free pumpset are compatible with the Ardo Melia.